International Exposure in Theatre/IsraDrama 2013


“Igloo” and “anti “Among the plays will participate at the festival international exposure 2013 to the theater   haaretz /gallery

“Artistic Director Lilach Dekel-Avneri’s statement to the press regarding the International Exposure: “The program for this year’s exposure is invigorating, and reflects the broad spectrum of theatre in Israel, from repertory theatre to post-dramatic independent productions, It is a program that indicates an uncompromising search for new forms of theatre, that aim to lead the viewers to reflect, not only on the content that is presented, but on its structure and visual language. It is an exposure that shows the world that Israel is a place where things are happening, even in theatre.”

In addition to industry-only events, there will be two symposiums on theatre and an encounter with French director Arthur Nauzyciel, artistic director of Centre Dramatique National Orleans/Loiret/Centre. These events will be open to the general public.



Lazarov: “Today I enjoyed much more from the creator”

Yehezkel Lazarov photo David Adika

Yehezkel Lazarov photo David Adika

Lazarov: “Today I enjoyed much more from the creator”

“There are times I attrition , yes ,” he takes a breath. ” Now this is a quite busy . Has me between 20 to 25 performances of Stempenyu ‘ month. , But I do not force myself to do something. I refine myself and I am intrigued by all the time, and things are evolving in my naturally places the creative activity . No I doubt performer takes the most time and the most power. but I can not breathe otherwise.

” The game has the period of the creation of the character , which is a very nice , but then the routine of playing the same thing . Now I’m very enjoying place of the creator . I go home and sit in front of the TV or something, I’m looking for what I want deal with it.  globes